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Our work

How we’ve made iMIS do more

“Upgrading from a member portal to a fully integrated website has helped streamline business processes and created access for members to a wealth of resources.”

Clubs Queensland


Integr8iv has updated iMIS systems for Gymnastics Australia, Clubs Queensland, and the Australian Council for Private Education & Training to improve efficiency and make future upgrades easier.


Clubs Queensland


CQ was running two different websites; an iMIS member portal and an external public website that wasn’t iMIS integrated. The external website was completely corrupted and couldn’t be recovered which meant they needed a new website fast.



Integr8tiv immediately turned the member portal into an iMIS-integrated external website for public use. Once this stop-gap measure was in place, Integr8tiv upgraded CQ’s iMIS software and used the latest RiSE framework to build a new mobile and tablet responsive website with the latest user-friendly features.



Changing from two websites to one mobile responsive, iMIS-integrated website has:

> Reduced CQ’s website hosting and development costs.

> Reduced administration costs as website transactions are entered into iMIS automatically.

> Given CQ complete 360-degree insight into members’ multiple touch points in real time.

> Given CQ peace of mind as the RiSE security framework ensures a more secure website.

 Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia / Australian Council for Private Education & Training


ITECA were recording important business information in multiple spreadsheets, their website wasn’t integrated with iMIS, and administrative tasks had to be done manually. This made it extremely difficult to renew memberships online, track renewals, and record member communications. ITECA knew their system needed to be upgraded but weren’t sure which option would be the best for their organisation.



Integr8tiv assessed ITECA’s current and future needs and created a system upgrade roadmap that catered to these business requirements. Integr8tiv then upgraded iMIS as well as ITECA’s member portal and other related systems so memberships could be renewed and paid for online and member emails could be sent straight from iMIS and automatically recorded.



Upgrading ITECA’s systems so they could operate using one iMIS-integrated website has:

> Moved member data from many spreadsheets to a single, accurate, central data system.

> Allowed members to login, update their information and renew memberships online.

> Saved time as membership renewals are now processed automatically through iMIS.

> Created a portal staff can use to access the latest member data when needed.

> Captured new data which can be reported on and reviewed to inform strategic decisions.

> Created dashboards and reports that provide staff with accurate information in real time.

ITECA logo

How we’ve created better websites

“By using the latest iMIS RiSE technology our members now have a timely and professional interface with the Association’s membership and events database.”

Speech Pathology Australia

Integr8iv has created new mobile-friendly, iMIS-integrated websites for the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, Speech Pathology Australia, and the Primary English Teaching Association of Australia.

Speech Pathology Australia Logo

Speech Pathology Australia


Members had to use two different logins for two different websites; one to access member content and another to register for events and renew memberships. Neither were mobile and tablet friendly, only one website was integrated with iMIS, and SPA was paying for two website hosting and support providers.



Integr8tiv used the latest iMIS RiSE website technology to build, test and launch a new SPA responsive website that replaced the two old websites. SPA’s design was brought to life with RiSE user-friendly functionality to benefit the SPA team and members. Integr8tiv supported SPA throughout the process, helping them to change their online information structure and upload new content for a smooth, stress- free website transition.



Changing from two websites to one holistic, mobile responsive, iMIS- integrated website has:

>  Reduced SPA’s website hosting and development costs. 

>  Enabled SPA members to more easily find relevant content, book events and update their membership information. 

>  Given SPA complete 360-degree insight into their members’ touch points in real time.

Primary English Teaching Association

of Australia


PETAA’s custom website and the way their iMIS system was integrated made their maintenance and support costly, and also made upgrading both difficult and expensive. An inability to upgrade also meant that PETAA were missing out on new iMIS features which would improve users’ experience and enhance the efficiency of the organisation.



Integr8tiv moved PETAA from their old custom website to a new iMIS RiSE system that utilised mobile friendly website design principles. This allowed PETAA to easily manage their website and integrate it with iMIS using a standard framework that could be easily upgraded in future. iMIS was upgraded from version 15 to version 20 so PETAA could benefit from all the latest iMIS features.



Upgrading PETAA’s systems so they could operate using one iMIS-integrated website has:

> Improved the public website user experience and the PETAA team’s iMIS experience.

> Saved the PETAA team time as the website and iMIS are easy to maintain and support.

> Given PETAA 360-degree insight into members’ multiple touch points in real time.

> Future-proofed PETAA’s systems as these can be more easily upgraded in years to come.

Primary English Teaching Association Australia Logo

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