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Integr8iv can assist your organization with purchasing and implementing Higher Logic as well as integrating your organisation’s new online community
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Higher Logic


Higher Logic Team Meeting

The Higher Logic platform gives your association the tools to create private, secure communities to drive interactions, knowledge sharing, and engagement among members. Give your core constituents the ability to communicate and share information on their time—the resources, best practices, and experience created will become invaluable for both them and your association. Develop your member culture based on vibrant discussions, quick response times, better relationships, and a depth of knowledge.

Higher Logic’s online community is a flexible, scalable SaaS-based platform that seamlessly integrates with over 60 AMS/CRMs, ensuring a predictable and successful launch and ongoing support.


By introducing an online community, organizations can promote essential relationships and redefine new ways of communicating, collaborating and staying in touch with colleagues. Your organization can connect directly with members and get a clear idea about what they want, where they are and what makes them tick. And that is the key to success— knowing your members. By providing a comprehensive approach to member engagement, your organization can extend value to your members in several ways:

Increase retention rates

Providing valuable and relevant benefits to your members is key to how they value their membership. An active and engaged member base that is sharing, collaborating and connecting in a vibrant online community allows members to become more personally invested in your organization.

Attract new members

Online communities set your organization apart and give prospective members a view into your organization that is unlike anything possible through traditional recruitment efforts. Show them the wealth of knowledge, expertise and engagement current members have.

Generate revenue

Apart from recruiting and retaining more members, online communities offer opportunities for new non-dues revenue streams. From advertising to sponsorships to promoting and supporting organization events, create a “call-to-action” that drives your engaged and motivated community members to act.

Grow your organization’s relevancy

Who knows more about your industry than your members? Become the “go-to” resource and share knowledge that’s searchable, easily discovered, and benefits not only your member base but the entire industry.


Higher Logic Discussions Icon

Give community members a place to collaborate, ask questions, provide answers or resources, and discuss the hot topics of the day.

Higher Logic Resources Icon
Resource Library

Build a knowledge base of best practices, go-to-market plans, sample documents, spreadsheets, images, videos, and more.

Higher Logic Directory Icon

Create a private social network for members to manage industry profiles, form communities, and connect with peers and colleagues.

Higher Logic Automation Icon
Automation Rules

Stay organized and active with rules-based logic to improve targeted communications and effectively track conversion metrics.

Higher Logic Event Calendar Icon
Event Calendar

Provide a single source of updated information for your events and make it simple for users to find and engage the ones that matter most to them.

Higher Logic Widget Icon
Widget Builder

Build widgets to connect your community and the outside world. Customize any content with easy configuration and CSS editing options.

Higher Logic Wiki Icon
Wiki Glossary

Give your community members ownership of a dictionary to create, edit and add industry terms, and help educate each other.

Higher Logic Mobile Friendly Icon
Mobile Friendly

Deliver a useful, relevant, and smooth community experience for all members that adapts to virtually any screen size or mobile device.

Higher Logic Analytics Icon
Analytics & Reporting

Gain a wealth of knowledge and data by analyzing the online activities of your members, whether it’s group activity, community content, or member feedback.


  • Activity Sync
  • Volunteer Manager
  • Component Manager
  • Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Content Manager
  • Workspace
  • Community Management Services

  • Event Manager
  • Mentor Match
  • Data Dashboards

  • Expert Directory
  • Nested Communities
  • Mobile Apps

“The best thing we’ve done in the last 15 years is launch Collaborate, our community platform.”

Reggie Henry, CAE | Chief Information Officer, ASAE

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