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Say goodbye to paper and say hello to electronic. Provide a better customer experience with Electronic Membership Cards and improve your processes even more.


Go paperless

Create, design and distribute your own Apple Wallet member cards

Have a presence on your members smart phone

Automatically create, send and update member cards & event tickets

Track analytics including downloads, installs and updates

Holding Electronic Member Card

Say goodbye to paper and hello to electronic. Membership cards are a vital part of your organisation to build a stronger relationship and supply a better user experience for your Members. But why would you go Electronic? Well, they’re always up to date, fast to distribute, flexible with what’s displayed and can be used for events or tracking progress.


That’s just the beginning, you also get access to powerful analytics to see how members are using your passes and that’s a huge step from paper alternatives. Not only that, you can send out ‘Push Notifications’ which is an extremely powerful tool to increase membership retention and drive revenue. You can remind members to renew, or perhaps let them know about an upcoming event.

Electronic Member Card Dashboard
Electronic Member Card

The features of this include:


Saving on printing costs, stop spending thousands on printing paper member cards for your members and go electronic.


Unlimited Pass Updates, meaning you have no restrictions including how many push notifications you send out.


Pass Preview, this means members can still fully use the pass if their device is not support and allows them to print it as well.

At Integr8tiv we synchronize it all with your organisations Database. You can display all sorts of information such as their Company, when they became a member, their unique ID and more! Supported by all major mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and any other platform that supports HTML5.

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