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iMIS + WordPress Integration

Seamlessly integrate your website to iMIS using our WordPress plugin, giving you the ability to deliver content specific to your members.

    Integration Options

    Integr8tiv offers two approaches for single sign on integration between WordPress and iMIS RiSE websites:


    • Users log in to an iMIS RiSE and are automatically logged into your WordPress site




    • Users log into a WordPress site and are automatically logged into your iMIS RiSE websites.


    • Bridge the gap between your WordPress site and member data in iMIS
    • Deliver more targeted and relevant content to your members using roles or groups from iMIS
    • Compatible with iMIS 15.2.15 onwards, including fully hosted versions
    • Explore additional custom integration as required

    For further information or support please contact us


    Xero Integration


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    iMIS Security


    Analytics for Associations