iMIS Software - Non-Profit, Association, and Membership Solutions
Creative integrations, systems & solutions. We assist Not For Profit’s achieve their cause through innovative solutions.
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Analytics for Associations

Acumen by Association Analytics

A Cloud-based Platform For Data Analytics And Business Intelligence

  • Improves efficiency and reduces risk
  • Single source of trusted data
  • Insights to drive strategy and decision-making


While there are many business intelligence solutions on the market today, we are uniquely positioned to serve the Association space. Our strengths include pre-built integrations into key association technologies, stunning visualizations, a platform that leverages industry leading technology, and the flexibility for your organization to customize and scale to your needs.

Robust Integrations and Partnerships

We focus exclusively on associations and have pre-built data integrations into key source systems.

Single Source of Trusted Data

Now everyone on your team can get a true 360-degree view of your organization with real-time data, available any time, on any device.

Complete SaaS Solution

software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that’s easy to implement, with high product adoption. Includes maintenance, hosting, licenses, upgrades, and support.


Acumen is built on industry-leading technology for cloud infrastructure, Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3. We use a hybrid data lake and data warehouse approach for maximum benefit to customers.


Acumen uses the market leader for data visualization, Microsoft Power BI. Our solution is scalable for any need and produces modern, impressive data visualizations.

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